Managing Software Project Outsourcing: Working with the Outsourced Team

Individuals who manage outsourced software projects

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Once a contract is signed with an outsourcing vendor, you must carefully manage the relationship with that vendor. Getting off to a positive start with the outsourced team goes a long way toward achieving success. In this course, you’ll learn how to begin the outsourcing relationship positively by being clear about expectations, and preparing your in-house team for the transition to working with the outsourced team. The course also explains key issues to tackle during this transition phase, including training, knowledge transfer, and issue resolution. In addition, it describes how to communicate effectively with the outsourced team and how to address cultural and time zone issues so that you can develop and maintain a positive relationship with your team of outsourcers.


Working with the Outsourced Team

  • recognize how to begin the relationship with an outsourced team
  • recognize key issues to address in a transition plan for an outsourcing relationship
  • determine whether guidelines for communicating effectively with an outsourced team have been followed in a given scenario
  • deal with cultural and language differences when working with an outsourced team
  • recognize techniques to accommodate time zone differences when working with an outsourced team





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