Managing the Dismissal of an Employee

Managers, professionals, or anyone who wants to understand how to prepare for employee dismissals

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

One of the main reasons managers are reluctant to dismiss an employee is because they dread the termination interview. Even if the termination is a layoff, giving notice to an employee is a heavy burden. How you manage the termination interview will impact remaining employees and your organization. You must learn how to handle dismissals fairly by preparing yourself in advance and maintaining control of the situation. Ensure your company’s security and the well-being of your team members by undertaking the appropriate follow-up responsibilities.
This course covers how to prepare for the termination interview by forming your approach and creating a structure for the interview. It also provides you with guidelines to follow when conducting a termination interview and outlines the types of follow-up responsibilities that might be required.


Managing the Dismissal of an Employee

  • recognize how to prepare effectively for a termination interview
  • identify guidelines for conducting a termination interview that have been correctly implemented in a given scenario
  • conduct a termination interview effectively in a given scenario
  • recognize appropriate follow-up activities to undertake when dismissing an employee





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