Managing Your E-mail

All levels of employees, and any individuals who wish to refresh and refine their e-mail skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

E-mail has had many positive effects on our lives, but it has also increased dramatically the volume of communication and the amount of information that the average office worker needs to process every day. To stay on top of things, you must sort, file, respond to, or delete every e-mail that comes to you in the run of a business day. But how do you balance this time-consuming task with the rest of your responsibilities so that it doesn’t overwhelm you?
This course introduces techniques for managing e-mail effectively. Tips for using folders and filters to organize e-mails for increased efficiency are addressed, and guidelines on what e-mails are OK to immediately delete are also covered. The course also provides direction on how to recover important information should you lose an e-mail.


E-mail Management and Search Basics

  • recognize best practices for managing your time through effective e-mail management
  • identify examples of e-mail you should delete from your inbox
  • use folders and filters to organize your e-mail
  • find lost e-mail information in a given scenario





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