Manipulating Formulas and Using Forms in Excel 2010

End users seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel 2010 at a power user level, who are familiar with spreadsheets, Microsoft Office, and online work environments

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Excel 2010 provides a large variety of statistical functions that allow you to perform data analysis on worksheet data, several cube functions that allow you to return information from cubes, and the means of working with arrays. In addition, using the Developer tab, you can further customize an Excel workbook to increase its functionality with form and ActiveX Controls. This courses discusses various statistical functions, include those designed to work with averages, determine the median, pinpoint rank and percentages, and sample populations. In addition, this course explores the available cube functions, such as CUBEMEMBER, CUBESET, and CUBEVALUE. Summarizing data using conditional functions such as SUMIF and COUNTIFS are also covered. This course also examines the methods Excel 2010 provides for working with arrays, including one-dimensional and two-dimensional arrays. Adding form and ActiveX Controls to Excel worksheets is also covered.


Formulas and Forms

  • use statistical functions in Excel 2010
  • recognize when to use cube functions
  • use conditional functions in Excel 2010
  • recognize when to use conditional functions
  • use array formulas in Excel 2010
  • use advanced Excel functions
  • add and edit ActiveX Controls in an Excel worksheet





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