Manipulating Large Objects in PL/SQL

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To use LOBs and the DBMS_LOB package

Target Audience

Database administrators, application developers, and database operators


Familiarity with Oracle Database 10g database technology; an understanding of the basic concepts of relational databases, the SQL programming language, and stored procedures; ability to write queries against single and multiple tables, manipulate data in tables, create database objects, and query metadata

Expected Duration

115 min.

Course Objectives

Manipulating Large Objects in PL/SQL

  • associate internal and external LOBs with their corresponding data types and interfaces and distinguish between the features of external and internal LOB components.
  • create a DIRECTORY object and initialize and populate a BFILE data type.
  • reference and update a BFILE data type.
  • associate DBMS_LOB mutators and observers with their corresponding functions and procedures and outline the rules associated with using DBMS_LOB routines.
  • initialize, insert, and update LOB columns and content using SQL and the DBMS_LOB package.
  • create and test a temporary LOB and remove LOB values.
  • initialize, update, and remove LOBs.