Manipulating Tables in Word 2010

Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy and some experience using Microsoft Word

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

You can use Word 2010’s features for both designing tables and manipulating your table data. A variety of layout tools allow you to merge and split cells, split tables, autofit cell sizes to match the size of contents, and insert and delete cells. You can also easily insert columns and rows, and then adjust their layouts and distribution. This course explores these methods of altering a table’s layout and also walks you through using data tools that allow you to easily sort your data, making critical information easier to locate. The course also covers using formulas in Word 2010 tables, so you can quickly perform calculations or insert other pre-built mathematical functions.


Modifying and Sorting Word 2010 Tables

  • insert and delete table elements
  • split cells in a table in Word
  • manipulate cell size in a table
  • sort a table in Word
  • add a formula to a table
  • modify and sort a table





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