Mapping and Measuring to Support Sustainable Process Improvement

Supervisors, team leaders, process owners, and managers at all levels who want to develop or refine their skills for leading sustainable process improvement


Expected Duration
33 minutes

Mapping and measuring processes in a visual way is a critical skill to master in the pursuit of process improvement efforts. Properly completed mapping is crucial to determining baseline measures, creating a business case, and winning buy-in for change. It creates a visualization of current and future states that allows for lasting improvements. This course will teach you how to map processes and generate improvement actions and measurable goals for process improvement success.


Mapping and Measuring for PI

  • recognize what kinds of data need to be captured for each step in a process map
  • interpret a swim lane process map
  • analyze data to identify what steps to focus on for greatest impact on a process
  • recognize appropriate questions to raise when generating improvement ideas based on a process map
  • use appropriate criteria to determine what top actions for process improvement
  • use swim lane mapping and data analysis to identify actions and goals for process improvement





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