Marketing Essentials: Marketing and Ethics

Anyone who wants to develop or refine their marketing skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

What role does ethics play in marketing? What is corporate responsibility and how is it linked to marketing? In order to develop strong and lasting customer relationships, organizations must ensure their marketing practices are fair, honest, and accurate about their product and service offerings. While marketing is a key business function, it also has an important societal component that cannot be overlooked. This course introduces the concept of ethics in marketing and its close connection to corporate responsibility. It also provides insight into how to ensure marketing practices are ethical, and outlines the benefits ethical marketing can generate for an organization and its corporate culture. You’ll learn about societal marketing, the dangers associated with unethical and deceptive marketing practices, and how to build and sustain strong ethical marketing standards and practices within an organization. The course also addresses the growth of new communication technologies and how they have affected the way marketers reach their audiences. Finally, it looks at and how organizations can apply ethical marketing standards to e-marketing, as well as more traditional efforts.


Understanding Ethics in Marketing

  • identify types of societal expectations that corporations should address along with traditional organizational concerns
  • identify examples of deceptive, offensive, and objectionable marketing practices
  • match each example with the stage of ethical development it represents
  • identify guidelines for creating an ethical marketing environment
  • classify examples of various e-marketing ethical issues according to the variable of the marketing mix they affect




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