Marketing Essentials: Planning and People

Anyone who wants to develop or refine their marketing skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

The four Ps of the traditional marketing mix (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) are important strategic cornerstones of any marketing activity. However, this traditional view of the Marketing Mix fails to address two very important aspects of marketing: planning and people.
This course focuses its attention on the importance of linking marketing activities to an organization’s overall strategic objectives; and exactly how the planning process is carried out. The importance of recognizing the difference between marketing strategies and marketing tactics is also discussed, as well as how strategy and tactics should complement each other in any marketing activity. This course will also offer insight into key planning activities such as research, budgeting, development and evaluation. Finally, the importance of employee engagement and internal branding are also discussed as the key elements of the last P, people.
Understanding the key role that planning and people play in the marketing process and how these aspects support the traditional Marketing Mix, will help you better understand how to approach marketing activities and campaigns and how to maximize their impact both externally and internally.


Planning and People

  • recognize examples of marketing goals and types of marketing plans in a scenario
  • identify the advantages of marketing planning
  • recognize characteristics of quantitative and qualitative research
  • identify examples of typical marketing costs that have to be budgeted for during the creation of a marketing plan
  • recognize guidelines on how to develop and execute a marketing plan
  • identify how to evaluate your marketing plan
  • recognize how companies can help people to act as a key part of the marketing mix




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