Mastering Active Listening in the Workplace

Individuals who want to develop or improve their skills for listening effectively within the workplace


Expected Duration
34 minutes

Success in the most difficult professional conversations can depend on the creative deployment of active listening skills. There are critical moments in our professional lives where the active listening toolkit can make the difference between excellence and failure. Whether it be addressing the angry client, emotional subordinate, evasive witness, or hesitant buyer, effective listening can be the foundation of how you navigate and control the conversation, and achieve the results you desire. Excellent and persuasive communicators employ a creative blend of the skills tailored to each unique situation. In this course, you’ll review the skills and techniques for mastering active listening. You’ll learn to trust the process, engage evasive speakers, effectively steer emotionally charged conversations, and apply active listening within sales and negotiation scenarios.


Meeting the Greatest Listening Challenges

  • identify the benefits of trusting the active listening process in the workplace
  • use methods for engaging evasive speakers
  • identify best practices for handling emotion
  • apply active listening best practices to sales and negotiations in a scenario
  • apply active listening skills to common challenges





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