Mastering Angular 2 (TT4168-A2)

Experienced web developers

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Expected Duration
5 day


Mastering Angular 2 covers Angular 2 and provides practical and hands-on experience with a great option for building rich web applications. If you are building for the web, learning Angular 2 will change the way you write web interfaces, working across multiple browsers and platforms. Angular 2 provides the maximum performance possible on today’s web platform. The component system reduces time spend debugging so that you can focus on writing amazing applications. The new Component Router introduced in Angular 2 leverages code-splitting so that users are only loading the code needed for each view. Learn how to meet huge data requirements by building data models on RxJS, and simplified server-side rendering. Angular 2 makes use of ultra-modern tools including ES6, the latest version of JavaScript; TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript; and Node Package Manager, the most popular package manager.


1. Basics of Angular 2

  • Angular 2 Architecture Overview
  • Exploring Angular 2 Tools
  • Angular 2 Quickstart

2. Routers

  • Routers for Client-Side Navigation
  • Routing Components
  • Passing Data to Routes

3. Dynamic Views

  • Bindings and Events
  • Directives
  • Pipes

4. Forms

  • HTML5 Forms Overview
  • Angular 2 Forms API
  • Form Validation
  • FormBuilder

5. Angular 2 Best Practices

  • Upgrading from Angular 1.x
  • Angular 2 Style Guide

6. Angular 2 with HTTP

  • Angular 2 with HTTP
  • WebSockets

7. Unit Testing

  • Jasmine
  • Angular 2 Testing Library

8. Additional Angular 2 Tools

  • Webpack
  • Grunt Task Runner

9. Animating Components

  • Web Animation API
  • Deep Dive into Animation

10. Working with Applications

  • Module and Dependency Management
  • Building and Deploying Applications

11. Testing Applications Unit Testing and TDD with Angular 2

  • Jasmine Testing Framework
  • Running Tests in Karma
  • Using the Angular 2 Unit Test Framework
  • Testing Components and Forms
  • Testing Pipes and Components
  • Testing routes
  • Testing services
  • Mocking HTTP responses with MockBackend
  • Testing directives



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