Mastering JavaScript & JQuery (TT4675)

Experienced developers who want to use JavaScript and jQuery in order to develop and design rich, highly functional, user-friendly, and interactive webpages

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Expected Duration
5 day


In this course, you will learn the technologies and skills needed necessary to design highly interactive, feature-rich and user-friendly websites and webpages. Topics and skills covered in this course are truly fast-changing, and on the cutting edge of web development.

The course begins with a thorough introduction to the JavaScript, working in a browser-based environment. Although JavaScript is simple and elegant, it can often be tricky to work with to work with since it’s fundamentally different from other programming languages that might be more familiar to developers. This course also explores jQuery, the preferred JavaScript library for building rich web applications. If you are building for the web, learning jQuery will change the way you write JavaScript, working across multiple browsers and platforms. You will be able to apply these newly learned, skills right on the job after class ends.


1. Exploring JavaScript

  • JavaScript Basics
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Classes
  • JavaScript Event Handling
  • Advanced JavaScript

2. Web Application Performance

  • Download Options
  • Debugging, Optimization, and Profiling
  • Memory Management

3. jQuery

  • Why jQuery
  • Basic jQuery
  • Manipulating the DOM
  • More On Element Selection
  • More on Attributes!
  • More jQuery!
  • Event Handling
  • More On Elements!
  • Ajax
  • jQuery Plugins
  • jQuery UI
  • Templates

4. Web App Design Patterns

  • UI Patterns Overview
  • Layout Patterns
  • Navigation Patterns
  • Selection Patterns
  • Rich Interaction Patterns



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