Mastering the Details of a Project’s Schedule and Budget

Anyone wishing to acquire the necessary skills to manage small- to medium-sized projects successfully.


Expected Duration
29 minutes

Once a project’s scope has been clearly defined with all necessary tasks identified, it’s time to get into more detailed estimating and planning. Drawing on all the information from the initiation phase, you must now define how much time and money will be required to meet objectives and complete the project. In this course, you will learn how to develop the schedule and cost baselines and use them to monitor and measure performance throughout the project.


Setting the Schedule and Cost Baselines

  • recognize how to use methods for making project cost and time estimates
  • recognize terminology used when creating a project network diagram
  • describe how to create a project schedule
  • determine a project’s budget
  • recognize mandatory and optional milestones for a project
  • explain how to use project data to assess performance
  • recognize the steps to creating and monitoring project schedule and cost baselines




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