Maximizing Team Results

All professionals

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Expected Duration
1 day


There are three elements critical to a team’s success: a shared sense of purpose, people skills, and process skills. In this course, you’ll explore how each of these elements contributes to getting the most from your team. You’ll also learn about the benefits of crafting a team purpose statement, having processes in place to analyze problems and make decisions, and using active listening and questions to improve communication.

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1. Introduction

  • Types of Teams
  • The Successful Team
  • What Is a High-Performance Team

2. High-Performance Team Model

  • Phases of Development
  • Breakthrough Point

3. Team Purpose

  • Defining Team Purpose
  • Outcome
  • Measurement
  • Timeframe
  • Team Purpose Statement

4. People Skills

  • The Importance of Good Communication
  • Active Listening
  • The Decision-Making Process

5. Process Skills

  • Effective Teams Establish and Follow Processes
  • Problem Analysis
  • The Decision-Making Process

6. Rules of Conduct

  • Team Rules of Conduct
  • Creating Rules of Conduct

7. Dealing with Team Problems

  • Problem-Solving Process
  • Common Team Problems and Possible Solutions

8. Team Roles and Responsibilities

9. Motivating the Team

  • Motivation and High-Performance Teams



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