Microsoft Azure – Architecting Solutions: Designing Storage and Data Access

This course is designed for IT Professionals working in an administrative role who wish to learn about designing Microsoft Azure-based cloud solutions. Candidates should have a good understanding of core networking skills, security, server administration, and virtualization technologies before attending this course. It is recommended that candidates have already successfully completed the 70-533 and 70-532 certifications.


Expected Duration
114 minutes

Microsoft Azure allows for data to be stored in many different ways and choosing the best method is important for any successful design. In this course, you will learn about implementing storage solutions in Microsoft Azure. You will look at different options to store data in Azure such as using storage containers, SQL Databases, and third-party databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, and DocumentDB. You will also learn about some of the management options to best implement the various types of data storage.


Azure Storage Options

  • start the course
  • recognize the different options for storage in Azure
  • recognize how Azure manages the durability of data
  • recognize strategies to implement data partitioning in Azure
  • configure Blob Storage in Azure
  • configure Table Storage in Azure
  • configure access to Azure Storage Resources
  • configure software raid within a Linux virtual machine for high availability
  • configure storage spaces within a Windows virtual machine for high availability
  • configure Azure Files

Azure SQL Database

  • recognize the different service tiers in Azure and their features
  • recognize the resource limits of Azure SQL Databases
  • recognize the features of implementing Azure SQL Database V12
  • create an Azure SQL Database
  • describe the guidelines for implementing security for storage in Azure

Azure DocumentDB

  • recognize the features of Azure DocumentDB
  • describe resource models and other concepts used in DocumentDB in Azure
  • create an Azure DocumentDB database
  • configure an application to access a DocumentDB database


  • recognize the features of MongoDB
  • configure a MongoDB database


  • recognize the features of MySQL
  • configure MySQL in Azure

Practice: Creating a Data Storage Plan

  • design a plan for data storage in Azure given a set of requirements





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