Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts (M40390)

  • IT professionals, developers, and enterprise architects with cloud computing experience AWS
  • IT professionals who are currently managing or will soon be managing both AWS and Azure environments


Professional experience in the following:

  • Windows PowerShell
  • Administering Office 365 with Office 365 Admin Center
  • Virtual Machines and Remote Desktop

Expected Duration
3 day


This course is an interactive discussion and workshop that covers the essentials of Microsoft Azure for the experienced AWS administrator, and is specifically designed to relate technologies and scenarios used in AWS to those used in Microsoft Azure.

You will be guided through the topics of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS) including Azure Virtual Machines, storage, virtual networking, and deployment options. Additionally, you will be lead through practical hands-on training that will allow you to participate in several architecture design sessions to help prepare for real world scenarios.


1. Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts Overview

  • Introduction to Azure
  • Accessing Azure
  • Azure Availability
  • Quick References – Azure Services

2. AWS and Azure

  • AWS and Azure Comparison Pricing

3. Linux in Azure

  • Linux and OSS Support
  • Linux Distributions
  • Automation

4. Virtual Machines

  • Linux Virtual Machines
  • Migrating VMs from AWS to Azure
  • Virtual Machine Storage

5. Virtual Networking

  • Azure Virtual Networks
  • Creating a Virtual Network
  • Network Security Groups
  • Network Availability

6. Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

  • ARM Template Best Practices
  • Authoring and Deploying Templates
  • Defining ARM Dependencies

7. Azure Active Directory

  • Azure Active Directory and Cloud Identity
  • Azure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Directory Synchronization Tools



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