Microsoft Azure – Implementing Infrastructure Solutions: Storage and PaaS Cloud

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Azure storage makes data accessible in a number of ways. The core structures in Azure are tables, queues, and blob containers. Azure also provides Recovery Services for failover, backup, and recovery for data and sites. PaaS cloud is a model for hosting apps on Azure. It is modular and elastic and well suited to providing mobile services. In this course, you will learn about Azure storage, from blobs to backup, and PaaS implementation. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for Microsoft exam 70-533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. This exam completes the requirement for Microsoft Specialist certification in Microsoft Azure.

Target Audience

Seasoned implementers of Azure infrastructure solutions with experience in implementation and monitoring of on- and off-premises solutions and lifecycle management



Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Storage Overview

  • describe storage options in Microsoft Azure
  • Storage Considerations

  • identify considerations for choosing storage for an Azure application
  • Creating a Storage Account

  • create a storage account for Microsoft Azure
  • Accessing Storage

  • access storage on Microsoft Azure
  • Implementing Blobs

  • implement binary large object storage in Microsoft Azure
  • Implementing Tables and Queues

  • implement table and queue storage in Microsoft Azure
  • Implementing Azure Files

  • implement file storage in Microsoft Azure
  • Monitoring Storage

  • monitor storage in Microsoft Azure
  • Configuring Azure Backup

  • configure Azure backup
  • Implementing Azure Backup

  • implement Azure backup
  • PaaS Cloud Overview

  • describe Platform as a Service or PaaS cloud services in Azure
  • PaaS Cloud Deployment

  • describe Platform as a Service or PaaS cloud service deployment options
  • Creating a PaaS Cloud Service

  • create a PaaS cloud service in Azure
  • Deploying a PaaS Cloud Service

  • deploy a PaaS cloud service
  • Scaling a PaaS Cloud Service

  • schedule a larger instance count for a PaaS cloud service in expectation of a load peak
  • Mobile Apps and Services

  • describe mobile apps and Azure mobile services
  • Creating a Mobile Service

  • create a new mobile service in Azure
  • Configuring Mobile Service Push Settings

  • configure mobile service push notification settings in Azure
  • Configuring Mobile Service Database Settings

  • configure mobile service database settings in Azure
  • Configuring Monitoring

  • enable and configure basic monitoring
  • Configuring Metrics and Alerts

  • add metrics to a monitoring table and add an alert to a metric in Azure
  • Exercise: Managing Storage and Cloud Services