Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – Customization and Configuration: Introduction

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 integrates with SharePoint for enhanced collaboration and management facilities. This course introduces customization and configuration options in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and helps you get the most out of SharePoint integration.

Target Audience

Implementation consultants; personnel seeking to attain competency in customizing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013; individuals wanting to become certified in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013; a basic understanding of databases may be beneficial



Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Solution Management

  • manage customizations by grouping them into solutions
  • Import and Export Solutions

  • export, import, and publish solutions
  • Entity Customization

  • recognize how to plan, create, and customize entities
  • Field Customization

  • add custom fields and entity lookups to entities
  • Managing Relationships

  • create relationships between entities
  • Create Custom Activity

  • create a custom activity type
  • Connection Roles

  • recognize how to create custom connection roles to use when setting up connections
  • Global Option Sets

  • create and manage option sets that can be shared across entities
  • Business Units

  • divide an organization into logical business units
  • Security Roles

  • identify the basic principles of security roles
  • Applying Security Roles

  • identify how to use security roles and business units to limit user access to records
  • Users, Teams, and Sharing

  • set up users, add them to teams, apply security roles, and share records
  • Field Level Security

  • create security roles to limit user access to specific fields
  • Access Team Templates

  • create access team templates to simplify record sharing
  • Access Team Reporting

  • use Advanced Find to report on access teams
  • Auditing

  • configure and manage the auditing of data
  • Setting Up Document Management

  • configure CRM for document management
  • Setting Up Entities for SharePoint Integration

  • set up the SharePoint folder structure and configure CRM entities for integration
  • Using SharePoint Document Management

  • work with document management on CRM entities
  • Using SharePoint Functionality from CRM

  • use native SharePoint rich features to enable powerful collaboration
  • Exercise: Use Global Option Sets