Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – Customization and Configuration: Relationships

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At the heart of Dynamics CRM is relationships. Relationships enable you to model complex dynamics simply and easily. This course covers the types of relationships supported by Dynamics CRM, and how to create and work with them. It also covers customizing data fields and working with various data types, and charts and dashboards – powerful ways of visualizing aggregated business data.

Target Audience

Implementation consultants; personnel seeking to attain competency in customizing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013; individuals wanting to become certified in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013; a basic understanding of databases may be beneficial



Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Field Data Types

  • work with different field data types in Dynamics CRM
  • Display Formats for Fields

  • work with different field display formats in Dynamics CRM
  • Properties of Fields

  • edit the properties of fields in Dynamics CRM
  • Customizing an Existing Field

  • customize a field in Dynamics CRM
  • Configure Option Sets

  • work with option sets in Dynamics CRM
  • Status Fields

  • configure the status field in Dynamics CRM
  • Deleting a Field

  • delete a field in Dynamics CRM
  • Entity Relationship Types

  • describe entity relationship types in Dynamics CRM
  • Creating an Entity Relationship

  • create an entity relationship in Dynamics CRM
  • One-to-Many Relationships

  • create one-to-many, or 1:N, relationships in Dynamics CRM
  • Many-to-One Relationship Field Mapping

  • create many-to-one, or N:1, relationships in Dynamics CRM
  • Connections

  • work with connections in Dynamics CRM
  • Connection Roles

  • work with connection roles in Dynamics CRM
  • Charts and Dashboards

  • enable users to see data in a meaningful way by applying charts and dashboards to entities
  • Creating a Chart

  • create a chart in Dynamics CRM
  • Modifying an Existing Chart

  • modify an existing chart in Dynamics CRM
  • Exporting a Chart

  • export a chart in Dynamics CRM
  • Importing a Chart

  • import a chart in Dynamics CRM
  • Creating a Dashboard

  • create a dashboard in Dynamics CRM
  • Modifying an Existing Dashboard

  • modify an existing dashboard in Dynamics CRM
  • Exercise: Configuration of Relationships in Dynamic CRM