Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Creating, Editing, and Saving Workbooks

Personnel at all levels of the enterprise; end users seeking to attain competency in Microsoft Excel 2016; end users seeking to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification at Core level in the use of Microsoft Excel 2016; end users seeking a basic IT certification


Expected Duration
64 minutes

Microsoft Excel 2016 makes it easy to create worksheets and workbooks, and to manage and manipulate data. In this course, you will learn how to cut, copy, and paste data; navigate between data cells and worksheets; and customize your Excel workspace. You will also learn about creating and opening workbooks, moving data around in Excel 2016, organizing worksheets, and saving and exporting data.


Basic Excel 2016 Tasks

  • start the course
  • create Microsoft Excel 2016 workbooks and open existing documents
  • recognize the different parts of the Microsoft Excel 2016 interface
  • add data to a Microsoft Excel 2016 worksheet
  • cut, copy, and paste data in Microsoft Excel 2016
  • delete or hide cell, row, and column data in Microsoft Excel 2016
  • create and customize worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2016
  • add properties information to a Microsoft Excel 2016 document

Saving and Exporting

  • save a workbook in Microsoft Excel 2016
  • save a workbook to an online location in Microsoft Excel 2016
  • configure Excel 2016 worksheets and workbooks for printing
  • export Excel 2016 document data in different formats

Practice: Creating an Excel 2016 Workbook

  • create an Excel 2016 document, add data to it, enter property information, and save it





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