Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Applying Basic Data Formatting

Any individuals and business users with basic Mac computer literacy.


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Excel 2011 provides a number of tools and features that allow you to visually enhance the appearance of worksheets and workbooks. Data and cells can be manipulated and customized using various alignment and formatting features. This course explores the processing of formatting cells and text, using basic formatting options such as bold and underline, and tools such as the Format Painter. The course also shows you how to align text in a worksheet and how to set certain conditions, that when met, change the appearance of the data – for example you can format data to quickly see the top 10 values in a range. This course also explains the various options for number formatting in Excel for Mac 2011.


Formatting Text and Numbers in Excel 2011

  • apply basic text formatting
  • apply and copy cell formatting
  • align text within cells
  • apply number formats
  • apply basic conditional formatting
  • format text and cells
  • format cells that meet a specified condition
  • apply number formats to worksheet data





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