Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011: Navigating the Interface and Viewing Workbooks

Any individuals and business users with basic Mac computer literacy.


Expected Duration
60 minutes

While it can often seem complicated and daunting, navigating the Excel 2011 interface isn’t all that difficult. This course will show you how to move around the Excel interface using a variety of keys on your keyboard, and by using menu and ribbon commands. The course also covers the ways in which you can view and arrange workbooks and worksheets and explores how you can access Excel’s Help features.


Navigating and Using Windows and Views

  • navigate the Excel interface
  • get Help on Excel tasks or commands
  • change your view of a worksheet
  • work with windows in Excel 2011
  • work with panes in Excel
  • navigate the Excel interface
  • alter the worksheet view
  • use windows and panes to view different parts of a worksheet





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.