Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: Searching and Subscribing to Web Content

End users who have a basic familiarity with the Windows environment, who are either new to IE or new to IE9

A basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows environment and basic word processing skills.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is the latest version of Microsoft’s web browser. Enhancements in IE9 include a simplified interface with ease-of-use features such as tab pages for accessing and browsing frequently used sites. Integration with Windows provides functions such as the ability to pin frequently used sites to the desktop. Searching is now integrated into the Address Bar and IE9 also includes a number of new security and privacy features such as tracking protection to block content from unknown web sites. This course introduces users to search functionality in IE9. The course also covers the use of accelerators to perform tasks such as mapping a street address from within a web page, and the course shows how to subscribe to web feeds and web slices to receive updated content automatically from web sites.


Searching web content and subscribing to web feeds in Internet Explorer9

  • identify the pros and cons of using engines or directories to search the web
  • manage accelerators in Internet Explorer 9
  • subscribe to a web feed
  • add a web slice to your Favorites bar
  • search and subscribe to web content in Internet Explorer 9





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