Microsoft Lync Server 2013: Configuration and Maintenance

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Microsoft Lync Server offers enterprise-level collaboration requirements. Lync Server 2013 offers many features to enhance collaboration and communication in your organization. In this course, you will learn how to deploy and configure Lync Server, as well as how to manage operations.

Target Audience

Lync Server Administrators



Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Deploy a Mediation Server

  • deploy a mediation server
  • Deploy Trunks and Gateways

  • deploy trunks and gateways
  • Deploy an Edge Server

  • deploy an edge server
  • Deploy Clients and Devices

  • deploy clients and devices
  • Configure Client Features

  • configure client features
  • Configure Client Policies

  • configure client policies
  • Configure Client Security Options

  • configure client security options
  • Configure Pin Policies

  • configure pin policies
  • Configure Regions and Dial-in Numbers

  • configure regions and dial-in numbers
  • Configure Meetings

  • configure meetings
  • Configure Conference Policies

  • configure conference policies
  • Configure Persistent Chat

  • configure persistent chat
  • Configure CDR and Quality of Experience

  • configure CDR and quality of experience
  • Configure Edge Server

  • configure edge server
  • Configure External Access

  • configure external access
  • Run Lync BPA

  • run Lync BPA
  • Enable OcsLogger Tracing

  • enable OcsLogger tracing
  • Analyze Event Viewer

  • analyze event viewer
  • Interpret Monitoring Reports

  • interpret monitoring reports
  • Configure Synthetic Transactions

  • configure synthetic transactions
  • Test Connectivity with PowerShell

  • test connectivity with PowerShell
  • Configure Core Reliability and Media Quality Monitoring

  • configure core reliability and media quality monitoring
  • Verify Service Health and CMS Replication Status

  • verify service health and CMS replication status
  • Deploy Monitoring Reports

  • deploy monitoring reports
  • Exercise: Configuring Microsoft Lync Server 2013