Microsoft Office 2000 – Advanced FrontPage

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To provide advanced users of FrontPage 2000 with skills in using navigation, themes, frames, forms, and databases on a web site

Target Audience

Anyone wishing to become familiar with FrontPage 2000 or needing to create professional-standard Internet or intranet sites quickly and easily; students who wish to become certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist


Familiarity with a Windows user environment; familiarity with Word 2000; basic end-user experience of the Internet or an intranet

Expected Duration

265 min.

Course Objectives

Microsoft Office 2000 – Advanced FrontPage

  • use the Import Web Wizard to import web-site files from a network or from the Web.
  • enter HTML code in HTML view.
  • edit and modify HTML with FrontPage 2000 and add a web counter in FrontPage 2000.
  • insert and position text and graphics in a web page.
  • list the effects of themes and apply a theme to a single web page or an entire web site.
  • apply a theme to a single web page, generate a new theme from an existing one, and modify a theme for an entire web site.
  • add a shared border to a web site.
  • view and modify a web site using Navigation view, and insert a page banner and a navigation bar.
  • add and edit a shared border, insert and rename a new page in Navigation view, and add a navigation bar to a web page.
  • view page download times, optimize graphical elements for download and display, and create a custom text style.
  • view slow pages on a web site and open a page.
  • add a hover button and a search form to a web page.
  • outline the features that you can specify in a form, create a form, specify a drop-down list, and configure user-input storage parameters.
  • add a form to a web page, insert and specify a text field, and specify form properties.
  • add color and graphics to cells, align text within a cell, and insert a table within a table.
  • center cell text and insert a background image into a table.
  • give a brief account of linking a form to a database, import a database into a web site, link fields in a form to fields in a database, and integrate a database into a web site.
  • import a database file into a web site, connect a field to a column, and save an order form as an ASP file.
  • define a frame and create and populate a frames page.
  • give a brief account of FrontPage security, grant user permissions, and check out files for editing.
  • publish and update a FrontPage web site.