Microsoft Office 2000 – Beginning FrontPage

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To provide an introduction to the core concepts of Microsoft FrontPage 2000

Target Audience

Anyone wishing to become familiar with FrontPage 2000 or needing to create professional-standard Internet or intranet sites quickly and easily; students who wish to become certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist


Familiarity with a Windows user environment; familiarity with Word 2000; basic end-user experience of the Internet or an intranet

Expected Duration

265 min.

Course Objectives

Microsoft Office 2000 – Beginning FrontPage

  • identify the structure of a FrontPage web site and open and navigate FrontPage.
  • identify the different methods of creating a web site in FrontPage and use wizards and templates to create web sites.
  • create a web site using the Corporate Presence Wizard, and save the site.
  • open a web site and use themes in FrontPage.
  • apply, modify, and save a theme in FrontPage.
  • add a page to a web site by creating a new blank page, using a template, and using a wizard.
  • create a new web page using a template and view that page in different views.
  • import Office files into a web site and recognize the different methods for changing the title of a web page.
  • enhance the text in a web site using formatting, bulletted and numbered lists, and hyperlinks.
  • format text and create two different types of hyperlinks.
  • identify the different ways of inserting a table into a FrontPage web site.
  • change the appearance of a table in a web page.
  • create a table and modify its appearance.
  • recognize the different file formats that can be used in a FrontPage web site and add images to a web page.
  • edit images in a web page by flipping, rotating, resizing, adding beveling and text, and creating hotspots.
  • add and import two images into a web page and change their appearance.
  • add hit counters, scrolling text, transition effects, and search forms to web pages.
  • view and organize web sites using the different views in FrontPage.
  • manage web sites by checking spelling, changing filenames, verifying hyperlinks, and searching for and replacing text.
  • change the filename of a web page and verify the web site’s hyperlinks.
  • manage and maintain a web site by creating and sorting tasks.