Microsoft Office 2007: Sharing Information with OneNote 2007

End User

Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Office applications, Windows operating system, instant message software, and Internet Explorer

Expected Duration
60 minutes

With team members working in diverse locations, a central repository in which to store information about customers, projects, and meetings is vital. There’s an ever-growing amount of information in a variety of formats and teams must stay in control. Office OneNote 2007 is a note-taking program which enables you to store typed text, handwritten notes, pictures, sketches, audio, and web research in one location. Notepads can be shared among team members so that everyone can store, share, and contribute information in an organized way. Changes to notepad items are merged automatically and are synchronized if a team member has been offline.
This course demonstrates how to create shared notepads, how to add files and text, and how to initiate a live session to share notes in real time. It also shows how best to organize notepads and how to search for information using the Office OneNote 2007 tools.


Sharing and Managing Information with OneNote 2007

  • share a notebook and add information to it
  • initiate a Live Sharing Session and invite participants
  • organize and manage information in OneNote
  • use the Instant Search to locate information in notes
  • create a shared notebook
  • manage and organize information
  • use Instant Search
  • initiate a Live Sharing Session





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