Microsoft Office 365 for Advanced Business Users: New Presentation Features

IT professionals with some experience of using Microsoft Office 365 who want to make use of some of the more advanced features.


Expected Duration
42 minutes

Microsoft Office 365 provides new presentation features, including Delve, Sway, and Office 365 Video. In this course, you’ll learn to use modern groups and access their content. You’ll learn how to find content using Delve and learn how to upload, manage, and share videos in Office 365. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers Microsoft Office 365 for Advanced Business Users.


Modern Groups

  • start the course
  • describe the features of Office 365 modern groups
  • create and manage modern groups in Office 365
  • access different kinds of modern group content in Office 365


  • describe the features of Delve for Office 365
  • search for content within the Delve portal in Office 365


  • describe the features of Sway in Office 365
  • create and edit Sway content in Office 365

Office 365 Video

  • describe the basic features of Office 365 Video
  • upload a video in Office 365 and share it
  • create and manage channels in Office 365
  • search for videos using Search and Delve in Office 365
  • change admin permissions for the Office 365 Video portal and disable the option completely
  • spotlight videos and manage channels on the Office 365 Video portal Home page

Practice: Working with Video and Delve

  • manage video channels, spotlight videos, and search for videos using Delve in Office 365





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.