Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011: Mastering E-mail

A broad range of business users who use Outlook for Mac 2011. An understanding of basic e-mail concepts and word processing terminology is assumed.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Outlook for Mac 2011 offers a variety of features that allow you to deliver polished and professional correspondence that includes a variety of types of attachments, embedded rich content such as photographs, and finishing touches such as custom signatures. For advanced filtering of your messages, Outlook offers a number of handy Search tools to help you locate and narrow your results. This course explores adding and previewing e-mail attachments, inserting photos and links into messages, creating signatures, and searching your inbox for exactly what you need.


Creating Professional Messages

  • preview, open, save, and print attachments
  • attach files to an e-mail message
  • add pictures to e-mail
  • create and add signatures to e-mails
  • insert hyperlinks
  • print a message in Outlook
  • use Outlook’s search features
  • recognize how to use Smart Folders to store searches
  • preview and save an attachment
  • send a picture
  • create a default signature
  • search Outlook mail and print an e-mail





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.