Microsoft Security Fundamentals: Security Layers

Individuals interested in the Microsoft Security Fundamentals: MTA exam (98-367)


Expected Duration
70 minutes

One of the building blocks of successful IT security practices is a fundamental understanding of security layers. This course introduces learners to some of the main core concepts in IT security including confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This course also covers foundational information on physical, Internet, and wireless security, including keylogging, browser settings and zones, and service set identifier, or SSID, and media access control, or MAC, filters. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Microsoft Security Fundamentals: MTA 98-367 exam.


Core Security Principles

  • start the course
  • recognize the characteristics of confidentiality
  • recognize the characteristics of integrity
  • recognize the characteristics of availability
  • distinguish risk management strategies
  • recognize the characteristics of the least privilege principle
  • identify techniques for avoiding social engineering
  • distinguish between the different components of attack surface

Physical Security

  • identify characteristics of site security
  • distinguish between the equipment used for securing computers
  • identify the security challenges of removable devices and drives
  • distinguish between the different technologies for securing mobile devices
  • disable local logons
  • identify characteristics of keyloggers

Internet Security

  • configure browser settings
  • configure Internet zones
  • recognize characteristics of secure sites

Wireless Security

  • distinguish characteristics of different security types
  • distinguish between different key options
  • identify security considerations of a service set identifier, or SSID
  • recognize benefits of MAC filters

Practice: Establishing Security Layers

  • recognize core security principles





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