Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 – Developing Core Solutions: Managing Data

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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 data must be managed and made accessible. This course demonstrates how to design solutions to store, access, and handle large amounts of data. This course is part of a series of Skillsoft courses that cover the objectives for exam 70-488. This exam is required for the certification Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): SharePoint Applications.

Target Audience

Microsoft SharePoint professionals and developers who plan, design, develop, and maintain Microsoft SharePoint sites



Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

CAML Queries

  • construct a CAML query using the Where clause and comparison operators in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Querying Lists

  • retrieve list items and create views using the SPQuery and SPSiteDataQuery classes in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Indexed Columns

  • create an indexed column in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Content Iterator

  • implement the ContentIterator class to submit a list query and process the results in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Choosing APIs

  • identify out-of-the-box web services and determine the correct API to use to access the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform
  • Server Object Model

  • access data using server-side object model
  • Client Object Model

  • access data using client-side object model in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Object Model Override

  • bypass list view thresholds using Object Model Overrides in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

  • interact with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 sites by using REST
  • Custom WCF Service

  • access data using a custom WCF service in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Implement Data Store

  • implement a hierarchical data store in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Implement web.config

  • implement web.config in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Property Bag

  • implement a property bag in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint List

  • implement SharePoint list in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Credential Storage

  • implement credential storage in Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Exercise: Managing Data with SharePoint Server 2013