Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 Features

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To introduce students to the communication and advanced features of Microsoft Small Business Server 2000

Target Audience

Technical personnel at IT solution companies who wish to deploy Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 to small businesses and network administrators of small businesses


A working knowledge of operating systems, such as Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows ME/98/95; networking concepts, such as creating user accounts and sharing resources; networking components, such as clients, servers, and network adapter cards; and computer hardware, such as hard disks

Expected Duration

235 min.

Course Objectives

Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 Features

  • explain how Exchange 2000 integrates with Small Business Server 2000.
  • explain how to use Outlook 2000 within Small Business Server 2000.
  • create, configure, and use Public folders and install, configure, and use Outlook Team folders.
  • discuss Instant messaging and outline the client and server setup.
  • discuss fax routing.
  • configure fax modems.
  • store and send faxes using Small Business Server 2000.
  • send a fax.
  • describe how to host an Internet web page using IIS 5.0, how to host an external web page using ISP, and how to disable IIS 5.0 from a second NIC.
  • implement FTP and Secure FTP.
  • implement FTP through a VPN.
  • explain how to customize a MMC and how to deploy functions.
  • customize the Administrator Console.
  • demonstrate how to add a second domain controller to a Small Business Server 2000 network.
  • describe the role of the Active Directory in Small Business Server 2000 and explain how to extend the base installation.
  • describe and demonstrate the process of backing up and restoring the Active Directory.
  • back up a server.