Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Developing Databases: Stored Procedures

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An effective strategy that database developers often employ to interface between applications and SQL Server 2012 involves the creation of programs using the Transact-SQL language and saving them as stored procedures or functions as database objects. Subsequently the applications can execute these programs as required and process results. This course introduces this powerful database programming concept and covers the types of programs available, design issues and implementation considerations. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Exam 70-464: Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases. This exam is one of the requirements for the MCSE: Data Platform certification path.

Target Audience

Database Administrator and developers who create and manage databases within their organization as part of their daily tasks. This can include creating the database objects, ensuring their security, implementing and ensuring data integrity, managing transactions and locks, and ensuring the server instance and database are running efficiently.



Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Designing Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2012

  • identify the characteristics of stored procedures
  • Creating Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2012

  • identify how to manage stored procedures in a given scenario
  • Using Table Valued Parameters in SQL Server 2012

  • recognize the advantages of using table-valued parameters
  • Designing User-Defined Functions in SQL Server 2012

  • differentiate between table-valued and scalar functions
  • Creating User-Defined Functions in SQL Server 2012

  • identify the considerations for using a multi-statement table-valued function
  • Create Stored Procedures and UDFs in SQL Server 2012