Microsoft SQL Server 2016 First Look: Preview

Developers and users of Microsoft SQL Server looking to get an early first look at SQL Server 2016, and business decision makers evaluating SQL Server 2016


Expected Duration
89 minutes

The landscape for database management systems is changing radically. Big data, Hadoop, and NoSQL are becoming key technologies in the sector, and the rise of cloud computing, with all the benefits of off-siting your data, seems inexorable. SQL Server 2016 is Microsoft’s answer to these technologies for SQL databases. This course covers new and updated features targeted at big-data and cloud interoperability, and other changes to Microsoft’s relational database. This course is based on preview software, and interfaces and features discussed are subject to change.


Navigating SQL 2016

  • |INS start the course |/INS
  • install the second community technical preview of SQL Server 2016
  • navigate the interface of SQL Server 2016
  • use the new SQL Server 2016 Query Store

Database and Table Enhancements

  • enforce row level security in SQL Server 2016
  • use the new Temporal Tables feature in SQL Server 2016
  • use the Always Encrypted feature of SQL Server 2016
  • use the updated in-memory OLTP for SQL Server 2016
  • use Stretch Database to extend your SQL Server 2016 database to Azure SQL Database

Other Enhancements

  • use native JSON in SQL Server 2016 databases
  • describe real-time operational analytics in SQL Server 2016
  • describe how to use PolyBase to access data stored in Hadoop or Azure Blob Storage from SQL Server 2016
  • describe the enhanced AlwaysOn high availability process in SQL Server 2016
  • describe how to connect SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Data Warehouse





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