Microsoft Windows 10 End User: Hardware, Software, and Security Settings

End users who are already using, or will be using, Microsoft Windows 10 operating system for their devices or PCs.


Expected Duration
48 minutes

Securing your PC is a challenge everyone faces in today’s interconnected computing environment. Microsoft Windows 10 has some unique answers to these challenges and we explore them in this course. Windows 10 also supports a richer ecosystem of hardware than ever before, and this course will cover adding hardware to Windows 10, Windows 10 backups, and finally look at some Windows 10 applications, including sourcing new apps from the Windows Store. This course is one of a series that covers the features and capabilities of the new Windows 10 operating system.


Hardware Configuration

  • start the course
  • install printing devices on a Windows 10 machine
  • configure network settings in Windows 10
  • connect to and configure a Wi-Fi network in Windows 10
  • install Bluetooth-enabled devices in Windows 10
  • identify and configure peripheral devices in Windows 10

Data Retention

  • identify and configure the built-in Windows 10 Backup features
  • identify and configure the built-in Windows 10 recovery features


  • access and configure the Windows 10 security options
  • access, update, and configure the Windows 10 Defender options


  • configure file sharing across network-connected devices
  • access and configure the built-in Windows 10 Weather application
  • access and configure the built in Windows 10 location Application
  • use the Windows App store to locate applications for purchase and download

Practice: Backing up Data and Sharing Files

  • configure a static IP address, set up a backup schedule, and share a local folder





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