Microsoft Windows 10 End User: Signing In and First View

End users who are already using, or will be using, Microsoft Windows 10 operating system for their devices or PCs.


Expected Duration
37 minutes

Microsoft Windows 10 is a radical overhaul of Microsoft’s Windows operating system with improvements and changes to nearly every facet and feature. This course guides you through different options to sign in to the operating system, and briefly introduces the new interface – including the Start menu, the Charm bar, the Task menu, and notifications. This course is one of a series that covers the features and capabilities of the new Windows 10 operating system.


Signing on

  • start the course
  • sign in to a domain with Windows 10
  • configure and use a Microsoft Live account to sign in and access Microsoft Windows 10
  • configure and use a local computer account to sign in and access Microsoft Windows 10

First View

  • change view between the Start screen and Start menu in Windows 10
  • identify the changes in the Charm bar from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10
  • enable and disable the Quick Access menu in Windows 10
  • launch applications from the Start menu and move apps between the Tile menu and Start menu in Windows 10
  • use the Task Manager
  • configure the Start menu
  • configure the options available in the Notifications menu

Practice: Getting Started

  • log in to Windows 10, launch apps, and check notifications





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