Microsoft Windows 8 – Configuring: Accessing User Data

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User data is a challenge in the age of mobile computing. This course focuses on using and configuring centralized user data. User State Virtualization and Folder Redirection allows administrators to centralize data collection, while permitting users to access their data from any device. Offline Files is a Windows 8 feature that caches files from remote shared folders to a users local Offline Files cache. File synchronization keeps files up to date and can be performed manually or can be schedule in the background. Offline folder characteristics can be configured using Group Policy or the Sync Center. Windows 8 offers people the ability to easily access network collections of data whether these collections are administered in their home, by Microsoft, or by organizational network administrators. Covered in this course is the use of Windows 8 data features including File History, Windows Backup, and Disk Quotas. HomeGroups and Windows libraries are discussed and configured, as well as accessing user data through BranchCache.
This course applies to objectives of the 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 exam of the MCSA: Windows 8 designation.

Target Audience

Anyone wishing to obtain knowledge on the Windows 8 operating system and candidates interested in pursuing the 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 certification exam of the Microsoft MCSA: Windows 8 designation. This may also include established IT professionals who install, configure, maintain and support Microsoft Windows 8 client desktops, devices, and users within any size organization. Candidates who have general IT experience with working knowledge of Windows clients, the installation of client desktop operating systems, basic networking, security concepts, as well as Active Directory concepts.


Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Working with Roaming Profiles

  • identify the features of a roaming profile
  • recognize how to configure roaming profiles
  • Folder Redirection

  • identify the benefits of and recommendations for Folder Redirection
  • sequence the steps for configuring Folder Redirection
  • Understanding Offline Files

  • identify the benefits of using Offline Files
  • recognize how to configure Offline Files using Group Policy
  • recognize how to activate and schedule Sync Center
  • recognize how to disable offline files on specific redirected folders
  • Configure Folder Redirection

    Protecting Libraries with File History

  • identify the features of Microsoft SkyDrive
  • recognize how to configure File History
  • Sharing Files with HomeGroups and BranchCache

  • recognize how to create and join a HomeGroup
  • match the BrancheCache deployment mode to its features
  • Working with Libraries

    Configure File History and Backup

    Configuring HomeGroups Pt 1

    Configuring HomeGroups Pt 2