Microsoft Windows 8 – Configuring: Devices and Disks

Anyone wishing to obtain knowledge on the Windows 8 operating system and candidates interested in pursuing the 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 certification exam of the Microsoft MCSA: Windows 8 designation. This may also include established IT professionals who install, configure, maintain and support Microsoft Windows 8 client desktops, devices, and users within any size organization. Candidates who have general IT experience with working knowledge of Windows clients, the installation of client desktop operating systems, basic networking, security concepts, as well as Active Directory concepts.


Expected Duration
90 minutes

This course covers Windows 8 key hardware support enhancements including multi-monitor support, near-field communication, and sensor technology. It outlines Windows 8 driver support, specifically focusing on supporting device drivers, driver signing, printer driver management, and the ability to add drivers to Windows images during any of the three phases of deployment: before, during, or afterwards. It discusses the ability to troubleshoot hardware problems using Device Manager and troubleshooting methods for testing for problematic drivers, updating drivers, locating unsigned drivers, and rolling back drivers. You can add new devices and associated drivers using the Windows 8 PC Settings interface. Also included is a look at working with both physical and virtual disk and storage, the configuration of storage spaces, and feature of storage pools.
This course applies to objectives of the 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 exam of the MCSA: Windows 8 designation.

Please note this course is based on the original Windows 8 release. Skillsoft recommends visiting the vendor website to confirm exam requirements.


Managing Devices

  • describe how driver signing works in Windows 8
  • recognize how to install drivers
  • recognize how to add drivers before and during deployment
  • match driver management tools to their correct descriptions
  • match the Windows 8 group policies categories with their correct descriptions
  • recognize the features of printer management in Windows 8
  • distinguish between the different disk types in Windows 8
  • list the uses of Diskpart
  • list the ways to create a mirror set
  • describe the features of storage spaces in Windows 8
  • describe how to configure storage spaces




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