Microsoft Windows Server 2012 – Administering: Service Accounts

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 builds upon features found in previous versions of Windows Server, as well as providing several new features. This course examines Service Accounts, Service Account Management, and creating and deploying Service Accounts. This course also examines creating and installing, managing, and removing Managed Service Accounts. Finally, this course examines creating, deploying, modifying, and removing group Managed Service Accounts along with Kerberos delegation. Anyone preparing for the 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012 exam would benefit from taking this course.

Target Audience

IT professionals who install, configure, maintain and support Microsoft Windows Server 2012 networks of small to enterprise class; IT professionals with at least six months IT experience, experience working with Windows Server 2008 or later operating systems, and a strong understanding of Active Directory infrastructure and network infrastructure; individuals who seek professional distinction through the 70-411 – Administering Windows Server 2012 exam


Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Service Accounts in Windows Server 2012

  • differentiate between the types of Service Account supported by Windows Server 2012
  • describe Service Principal Names (SPNs)
  • Managing Service Accounts in Windows Server 2012

  • describe the characteristics of Managed Service Accounts (MSAs)
  • recognize what the (Key Distribution Service) KDS root key is used for
  • Managed Service Accounts in Windows Server 2012

  • recognize what the Get-ADServiceAccount cmdlet is used for
  • recognize when you use the Install-ADServiceAccount cmdlet and the Add-ADComputerServiceAccount cmdlet
  • identify how MSA properties can be viewed
  • Deploying Group Managed Service Accounts in Server 2012

  • match the New-ADSserviceAccount parameters with their correct descriptions
  • sequence the steps to create and deploy a gMSA object
  • recognize what the setspn.exe utility is used for
  • Kerberos delegation in Windows Server 2012

  • describe Kerberos delegation options in Windows Server 2012