Microsoft Windows Server 2012 – Installing and Configuring: DHCP Configuration

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Every network device requires an IP address to communicate in a TCP/IP network. This course examines the Server 2012 IP address assignment and management within a private network and discusses how to distinguish between the methods available to assign IP addresses. This course also describes how to configure IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and reviews APIPA and advanced TCP/IP settings.
The DHCP service performs a pivotal role within a subnet – it automatically provides suitably configured clients with IP addresses and other configuration settings, and refreshes those addresses on a predefined schedule. DHCP relieves the burden of manually allocating unique IP addresses to network hosts and devices. In an Active Directory environment, DHCP can be integrated with DNS to provide secure allocation of IP addresses. This course covers the deployment, configuration and management of DHCP within an Active Directory environment, and details the available command line options to manage a Server 2012 core DHCP hosting deployment. The integration of DHCP with DNS, managing DHCP with Server Core and PowerShell, and using ipconfig and netsh commands to configure DHCP are examined.

Target Audience

Candidates for this exam are Information Technology (IT) Professionals who have Windows Server 2012 operating system knowledge and experience and want to validate the skills and knowledge necessary to implement the Windows Server 2012 core infrastructure services. Candidates who wish to pass the 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 exam will benefit from taking this learning path.


Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Configuring IP Addresses in Windows Server 2012

  • distinguish between the methods for configuring DHCP clients
  • distinguish between IPv4 and IPv6 configuration
  • Configuring DHCP components in Windows Server 2012

  • describe the characteristics of DHCP client-server communications
  • describe DHCP server topology
  • Designing DHCP Fault Tolerance & Backup in Server 2012

  • recognize how to install the DHCP server role in Server 2012
  • Configuring DHCP Scope & Client Options in Server 2012

  • describe the considerations involved in configuring a DHCP scope
  • distinguish between DHCP address reservation and address exclusions
  • DHCP and DNS Integration in Windows Server 2012

  • sequence the steps to enable a 2012 Server to host a DHCP relay service
  • describe DHCP management options
  • Create & Configure a DHCP Scope in Windows Server 2012