Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Creating and Formatting Tables

Any individuals and business users with basic Mac computer literacy.


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Word for Mac 2011 has a robust set of tools that allow you to create, style, and format tables in your documents. This course explores the various methods of inserting tables in Word documents, including drawing a table by hand, choosing a table size by selecting a layout from a dynamic grid, and by configuring table settings to match the number of columns and rows that you require. It also discusses using table styles to enhance the appearance of tables and changing the layout of tables.


Working with Tables in Word for Mac 2011

  • create a table in Word 2011
  • identify different ways to insert a table in Word 2011
  • apply a style to a table
  • modify table rows and columns
  • modify a table’s settings, cell size, and alignment
  • create a table in a given example
  • format a table’s style
  • modify a table’s layout





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