Microsoft Word for Mac 2011: Getting Started

Any individuals and business users with basic Mac computer literacy.


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Word for Mac 2011 is the newest version of Microsoft’s word processing tool for the Mac platform. It offers a streamlined interface and features that allow you to create attractive and engaging documents. The ribbon, which is unique to Microsoft Office, organizes Word’s many features into related tabs and makes it easier to quickly access those you need. And if you don’t want to start your document with a blank white page, you can easily choose from a variety of templates using the Word Document Gallery. This course explores these topics and many other basics of using Word 2011, including opening the application, creating new documents, opening documents, basic text editing, and an introduction to the many tools that will help you create and edit your documents.


The Basics of Word for Mac 2011

  • recognize tasks you can perform in Word 2011
  • launch the Word application and open a new blank document
  • recognize the main Word 2011 interface elements
  • perform basic Word tasks using interface elements
  • recognize where to find basic font formats in Word 2011
  • apply text formatting
  • recognize the different ways to select text in Word documents
  • launch Word and open a new blank document
  • open a new template and increase the document area
  • select text and apply formatting using the Home tab
  • format fonts using the font dialog box





Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.