Mold Awareness

Any employee, supervisor, manager, or visitor of a facility where mold may be present – these can be personnel in large corporations, small to medium size enterprises, and government and municipal facilities


Expected Duration
60 minutes

Many businesses and organizations, including government-owned facilities, can experience mold at their facilities at some point in their business life. A mold is a fungi that appears as a coating or discoloration that develops in a damp atmosphere on the surface of food, fabric, wood, paper, or insulation. Not everyone is at risk from exposure to molds but certain groups of individuals, including infants and the elderly, are particularly susceptible to mold-induced allergies or infections. Providing information on the hazards associated with mold is an important aspect of the health and safety requirements for businesses and organizations. This course is part of the Safety and Health Series and is aimed at any employee whose normal job activities could result in occupational exposure to mold. This course provides the learner with the basic understanding of mold awareness in the workplace – how mold grows and spreads, how to recognize mold, the routes of human exposure to mold, associated health effects from mold exposure, and methods of mold prevention and clean up.
This course was developed with subject matter support provided by EnSafe Inc., a global professional services company focusing on engineering, environment, health and safety, and information technology.


Molds and Health

  • identify the characteristics of molds
  • identify the positive effects of molds
  • identify examples of the ways that humans are exposed to molds
  • identify examples of people at high risk from exposure to molds
  • match the biological mechanisms with their symptoms
  • Molds in the Workplace

  • recognize signs of mold in the workplace
  • identify examples of areas where molds might grow
  • identify common indoor molds
  • identify the methods of preventing mold from growing
  • identify the methods and procedures for cleaning up mold




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