Monitoring and Managing the Data Center

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Recognize the importance of monitoring data center components for different metrics, identify the individual tasks involved in the overall management of the data center and recognize what’s involved in implementing an information lifecycle management strategy

Target Audience

The target audience for this path are IT professionals with little or no knowledge of storage concepts but who need to support storage products now or in the future and make storage related decisions



Expected Duration

145 min.

Course Objectives

Monitoring and Managing the Data Center

  • recognize what’s involved in monitoring the data center.
  • recognize the importance of end-to-end monitoring of the data center and understand the impact of component failures.
  • recognize the challenges involved in data center monitoring and describe the industry standards for monitoring and managing a data center.
  • recognize the architecture of the EMC ControlCenter and the roles of various components.
  • identify the component data center management tasks.
  • determine the individual tasks that need to be performed to meet the requirements of a given data center management scenario.
  • recognize what’s involved in implementing an enterprise-wide ILM strategy.
  • identify a subset of data center management tasks that can be performed using EMC ControlCenter.