Monitoring and Using Reports in System Center Essentials 2010

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System Center Essentials 2010 allows administrators to actively monitor all objects being managed, ensuring they are running correctly. If a failure occurs or a service is not working properly, they can immediately correct the issue by viewing the alerts that are generated by Essentials monitoring features. Essentials allows notifications to be setup to send alerts when an issue arises. The Authoring feature enables administrators to manage and configure management packs, which contain the monitoring settings for applications and servers, and allows administrators to setup monitoring for Web Applications and distributed applications in the network. To manage computers in the network more efficiently, reports can be run to view specific information about each computer and Essentials also supports the remote accessing of managed objects using Remote Assist and Remote Desktop to aid users or to correct issues that may have occurred. This course demonstrates how to use the monitoring and authoring features in Essentials, as well as how to use reporting and manage computers remotely.

Target Audience

Administrators who use Microsoft System Center Essentials 2010


Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

Monitor Computers and Devices in Essentials 2010

  • identify how to perform key monitoring tasks
  • configure notifications for alerts
  • use maintenance mode
  • Authoring Management Packs

  • import a management pack
  • match management pack objects to their descriptions
  • use overrides to customize a management pack
  • Custom Views and Filtering Data

  • customize how the objects being monitored are viewed
  • identify how to filter management pack object data
  • Custom Monitoring and Other Advanced Features

  • monitor a custom application
  • match additional monitoring features in Essentials with their functions
  • Monitoring and Authoring in Essential 2010

    Reporting and Remote Computer Management

  • recognize how to produce reports in Essentials
  • save a report to a management pack
  • identify how to remotely access systems through Essentials
  • Creating Reports Remote Management in Essentials 2010