Monitoring, Backing Up, and Restoring Windows 7 Systems

Individuals taking the first of the Windows 7 exams – 70-680: TS: Windows 7 Configuring, which is required for the certification MSCA: Windows 7, Configuration

At least one year of experience in the IT field, as well as experience implementing and administering any Windows client operating system in a networked environment

Expected Duration
150 minutes

System management and configuration are major tasks in the IT world. Making sure that computers are up to date, running smoothly, and configured properly are daily activities of IT staff members. This course examines how updates, performance settings, power and processor options, disks, and backup and recovery are configured, managed, and monitored in Windows 7. This exam is required for the certification MSCA: Windows 7, Configuration.


Windows 7 Updates and Performance Settings

  • specify the WSUS server a Windows 7 client computer should use
  • use Group Policy in Windows 7 to configure the behavior of automatic reboots in relation to Windows Update
  • configure a Windows 7 client to use WSUS
  • configure the performance of a Windows 7 computer
  • customize an existing power plan in Windows 7
  • identify power settings you can configure in Windows 7

Managing Disks and Monitoring Systems

  • create a striped volume
  • configure policies for removable storage devices
  • configure disk volumes
  • configure Group Policy for removable storage devices
  • configure advanced event subscription settings
  • identify the vulnerabilities of certain event log policies

Configuring Backup and Recovery Options

  • create a system repair disc
  • create a backup in Windows 7
  • enable System Protection for a drive in Windows 7
  • perform a full system restoration in Windows 7
  • restore a shadow copy of a file or folder in Windows 7
  • configure a Windows 7 backup and restore point





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