Mutual Funds: Basic Concepts, Structure, and Types

Financial services professionals, consultants, and sales professionals interested in providing or selling products and services to fund managers, insurance companies, and banks, and everyone interested in knowing about mutual funds, their evaluation, and portfolio management

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Mutual funds are pools of money that investment experts professionally manage through investments in various securities such as stocks and bonds. The global acceptance of mutual funds is due to the ability of vast number of smaller investors to have their money professionally invested and offer a high degree of diversification and liquidity. There are many types of mutual fund, which allows investors to choose those that best fit their circumstances, for example, high risk-high return, low risk-low return, specific sector investments, global investments, fixed income, etc. This industry is ever-growing as more and more investors realize the advantages of professionally managed funds.
This course covers an introduction to mutual funds, including their advantages and disadvantages. It then describes various costs associated with mutual fund operations including distribution, transaction, and portfolio management fees. The also course covers types of mutual funds including active management, passive management, equity, bond, hybrid, and global and international funds.


Mutual Funds Basics

  • define mutual funds
  • identify the advantages and disadvantages of mutual funds
  • recognize the main classifications of mutual funds
  • describe the characteristics of mutual funds
  • Mutual Funds: Types and Structure

  • identify the two main types of mutual funds
  • recognize the structure of mutual funds
  • describe the basic types and structures of mutual funds
  • Mutual Funds: Management and Cost

  • recognize the management costs of mutual funds
  • identify how the management expense ratio is calculated
  • describe the management and cost of mutual funds




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