MySQL: Using the Data Manipulation and Definition Statements

Personnel at all levels of an enterprise seeking to attain competency in MySQL


Expected Duration
152 minutes

It’s essential as a database administrator to understand how to use data definition and data manipulation statements in order to manage and modify database objects. In this course, you’ll learn how to use insert, update, and delete statements to manage data within a MySQL database. You’ll also learn how to use DDL statements to create, drop, and alter databases, tables, and views.


Use INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE Statements

  • start the course
  • describe the INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE DML statements to manage data
  • use the INSERT statements to add new data
  • use the UPDATE statements to modify existing data
  • use the DELETE statements to remove existing data
  • use advanced INSERT statements for additional options to add new data
  • use apply advanced UPDATE statements for additional options to modify data

Work with the Data Set Window in MySQL WorkBench

  • view and perform changes to existing records
  • retrieve data by using filters
  • insert and delete data
  • perform a data import to pull the existing data into tables
  • export data to an external file

Use CREATE, ALTER, and DROP Statements

  • describe the CREATE, ALTER, and DROP DDL statements
  • create a new database with its specific syntax and parameters
  • use Alter and Drop Databases with data definition language for altering and dropping databases
  • create Table Statements and define their properties
  • use Alter and Drop Table with data definition language for altering and dropping tables
  • describe Views to retrieve records from tables or other views
  • create new views
  • use view to retrieve records from tables and other views
  • edit existing Views and create nested Views
  • create advanced views, join statements, and use aggregate functions

Practice: Use DML, DDL, and DCL Statements

  • manage data, and create, alter, and delete databases





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