Navigating, Lists, Libraries, Alerts, and Document Sets in SharePoint 2013

Personnel at all levels of the enterprise; end-users seeking to attain competency in Microsoft SharePoint 2013; end-users seeking to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification at Core level in the use of Microsoft SharePoint 2013; end-users seeking a basic IT certification

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

SharePoint 2013, the new release of Microsoft’s popular file storage and collaboration platform, offers a number of new and enhanced features to increase efficiency and organization across users and locations. SharePoint lists allow you to keep track of important workplace elements, such as tasks and contacts, and are fully customizable to suit the needs of your organization. Organize, track, and share files across users and locations by storing them in document libraries, or organize related files further into document sets. Stay in tune with the pulse of your organization by creating alerts on SharePoint items and getting e-mail or text alerts when they change. This course covers how to navigate within the SharePoint 2013 interface using the Quick Launch and top link bar, as well as the Settings menu and the Newsfeed, SkyDrive, and Sites tabs. It also explores list and library management, including adding new items, adjusting item properties, and removing items. It demonstrates how to set alerts on list and libraries, as well as how to set an alert on search query results. Creating and adding files to document sets is also covered.
This course will help prepare learners for the Microsoft Certification Exam 77-419: SharePoint 2013 which certifies individuals as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): SharePoint 2013.


Navigating the SharePoint 2013 Interface

  • navigate the SharePoint 2013 interface
  • navigate in SharePoint 2013 to access content
  • Managing Lists and Libraries in SharePoint 2013

  • create, edit, view, and delete a list item in SharePoint 2013
  • add, edit, check in and out, and delete documents in SharePoint 2013
  • add and edit list items, and edit and delete documents from the document library in SharePoint 2013
  • Creating Alerts in SharePoint 2013

  • create and manage alerts in SharePoint 2013
  • add an alert to a library and set an alert on search results in SharePoint 2013
  • Creating Document Sets in SharePoint 2013

  • create and manage document sets in SharePoint 2013
  • create a document set and add a document to it in SharePoint 2013




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