Navigating through Changes and Conflicts in Projects

Anyone wishing to acquire the necessary skills to manage small- to medium-sized projects successfully.


Expected Duration
28 minutes

Of all the different types of skills and competencies a project manager uses, soft skills are the most important. The ability to communicate effectively with team members and negotiate between conflicting demands so stakeholders remain positive can mean the difference between success and failure. In this course, you’ll learn how to handle it when someone requests a change to the project, how to create a plan for communicating with stakeholders, and approaches for dealing with conflicts that arise.


Change, Communication, and Stakeholders

  • describe the law of triple constraints
  • identify potential effects on a project when changes are not controlled
  • sequence the steps for controlling changes on a project
  • recognize the types of information that should be included in a communication plan
  • recognize methods for managing conflict
  • describe how to keep stakeholders positively engaged in a project
  • recognize methods for managing project change, communication, and stakeholders





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